A couple days ago, I attempted to thank three individuals for facilitating monumental improvements to who I am as a person. Today, I make three additions. Without these folks, this website would exist in much crappier form.

First, Kelly Prosen must be thanked. It was her blog that showed me the meaning of “writing dangerously.” My posts won’t be nearly as personal as her essays and prose, but without Kelly, I would not be putting myself out there to the same extent. Our topics and writing styles are different, but we share a desire to better understand ourselves and the world around us through the medium of writing.

Second, Dylan Thomson must be thanked. The name of this very website was his suggestion. I knew I wanted to reference the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, but couldn’t find the right phrase. “So Say We All” and “Action Stations” were taken, but because of Dylan, exists today.

Lastly, Chelsey Lutteke must be thanked. The righteous banner image you see at the top of this page was her doing. Without Chelsey, this website would not be anywhere near as soul-punchingly awesome. Her website/portfolio will be linked on the right when or if it becomes available.

This is happening. These three helped make it happen.


I grew up on a farm in south-central Minnesota as part of a conservative, Roman Catholic family. Due to what I can only assume to be a combination of genetic luck and positive influences at home and school, I became a pretty smart-ish (and handsome and humble!) dude. On the other hand, I was also pretty narrow-minded.

I went to a small school in a small town. It wasn’t really my fault, but I had no understanding of the world beyond the City of New Ulm. My family never went on vacation. My world ended at Duluth to the north, Sioux Falls to the west, Clear Lake, Iowa to the south, and the lakes of northern Wisconsin to the east. Later, I attended St. John’s University, another small school in another small town.

My horizons were so close I could reach out and touch them. I was smart, but I was ignorant. Three people changed that. This is my appreciation. Continue reading