I am a Minnesota educator in my late 20s. I have an occasionally justified high opinion of myself. I need a creative outlet, meaning this website is my vanity project.

I try to live my life remembering there is something we can learn from everyone. I hope this website is able to make some small contribution to your life.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You just love sqaushing me in your reviews, huh?nos “Shynron couldn’t remember the sequence of moves”…. Really? First of all there is know way you can know that, you are not a mind reader. Second of all there are many more factors at play than ” memory” in a wrestling match, which you will never know unless you step into the ring and have a match. Third of all, you’ve are entitled to your opinion, but you have some nerve claiming you know more about how a match was supposed to go than the actual wrestlers in said match. Thanks for supporting Chikara and Independent wrestling. But please stop talking like you know any more than the next guy or gal with blog site and am internet connection.

    • I’m assuming this is actually you, as I don’t think anyone else would bother to thank me for supporting Indy wrestling. I appreciate your taking the time to flesh out your thoughts. It’s easy to forget that I’m writing about actual people, so I sincerely appreciate that reminder. I shouldn’t be writing anything I wouldn’t say directly to that person. In that spirit, let me follow up by addressing your concerns.

      First off, your first point is well-taken. The sentence you quoted was poorly worded. I should have added a “seemed like” to emphasize the effect rather than the cause. Poor writing on my part. I’ve edited the post.

      I’ve never pretended to read minds, I have never claimed that memory is the only thing to a match, I don’t claim to know more about how a match was supposed to go, and I’ve never claimed to know more or less than the next guy or gal with a blog and the internet. I’m not making those claims. I speak only for myself.

      Where I can’t agree is the notion that my opinions are invalid because I’m not a wrestler. Undoubtedly, it would offer some great insights, but the logic is flawed. You don’t need to be in a band to know when someone is singing off-key. You don’t need to have made a movie to know when dialogue is stilted. You don’t need to publish a novel to know when a book isn’t hooking you. I know enough about pro wrestling to to know that it is essentially storytelling through scripted combat and that it’s hard to get into the storytelling when no one is convincing me that combat is occurring.

      So, please understand that I don’t love squashing you. I actually hate it. Engage me in the story and I will be your biggest fan. I promise.

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