Middle school sucked. I don’t think I could have placed the reason why at the time, but now I’m pretty sure that the reason middle school sucked was because it was full of assholes. Scores of small, hormone-inundated assholes who can’t value anything over themselves. It’s wasn’t totally their fault, but still… assholes.

So I waited until high school.

High school was great, but there were assholes there too. The sort who can’t lift themselves up without holding someone else down.

So I waited until college.

College was even better, but there were assholes there too. You’d think a place with an actually-not-exaggerated sense of community like St. John’s/St. Ben’s would be devoid of assholes.

You’d be wrong. There are people at college who will make fun of your laugh. Seriously? Who, other than an asshole, makes fun of things people can’t control?

So I waited until graduation.

Guess what? There are assholes everywhere.

I don’t really have an overall point. I just wish I would have known that in middle school. I wouldn’t have wasted time waiting for assholes to disappear. It also might have been motivation for me to stop being the asshole I described above.

4 thoughts on “Assholes

      • I’m mainly amused by your timing with this one. Right after I write a long post about how I’m actually an asshole you post this.

        Boldly played.

      • I wish the timing was less random. This one has been sitting on my computer for a while to post during baseball seasons. Beside, outside of my appreciation for the brevity of this one, I like yours better.

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